Love Breathing

Love-BreathingA wellspring of God’s joy resides in everyone. Loving God with an open heart releases this wondrous joy into one’s life. Doesn’t it make sense then to practice loving God, so His joy becomes a natural part of the day?

How, though, does one practice loving God?

Love Breathing is one method that helps habitualize loving God to every breath. With a sincere, regular, loving God practice, enjoying divine communion becomes a natural and common experience; as natural and common as breathing.


This book, written by this website’s organizer can be freely downloaded here:

Love Breathing Book

A printed version is available through Amazon.

To help “promote the practice of loving God”, the author grants anyone the right to freely print (without alteration), distribute, and offer this book for sale anywhere in the world. If needed, the author will email anyone a full “print-ready” pdf file of the cover and text. Email requests to


‘Love Breathing’ is a sweet and practical guide to practicing the presence of God, yet taking it a step further, to the practice of ‘loving’ God, in every moment of daily life. Finding God is actually simple. It is we who make it so complicated. In this little pamphlet you’ll find a guide to the spiritual simplicity of ‘suffer the little children to come unto me, for such is the kingdom of God.’
— J. Donald Walters, author and founder of the Ananda Self-Realization Communities
See “Finding Happiness Movie”

Dear Eric,
Thank you Eric for your book LOVE BREATHING. I have just
finished it, I could not stop reading when I found it 10
hours ago. The book is an answer to my prayer, I have been
on a spiritual journey since I left my job to raise my kids
4 years ago. Today you spoke to my heart through your book.
God is using you in a special way, continue to write and if
possible let us know of your new books.
God bless you,

I love this book – it is so easy to keep God in your mind when you practice love breathing – during a hectic day there is always time to breathe and focus. Thank you, this added another blessing to my life.
— DH

‘Love Breathing’ is one of those books made more profound because it springs from the actual experience of the author. It presents a modern variation on a technique used for centuries by many spiritual paths. It shows common challenges that the author faced and solutions that can work for anyone. I highly recommend this book to everyone seeking to open their heart and experience deeper love.

— Jyotish Novak, Artist and Author of “How to Meditate” and “Lessons in Meditation”.

Exceptionally good guidebook on awakening divine love. The exercises are very practical and simple, but also very deep in what they can do to change oneself. The short poems and quotes are also very helpful reminders and tastes of divine love as expressed through those who have experienced it most deeply, the saints.
— Nayaswami Devarshi, leader of “Developing Deeper Love for God” workshops

This book springs from the heart of actual experience and for that reason has unique power both to inspire and guide. It is simple, creative, and effective.
— Asha Praver, Minister






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