Devotional Practices

Opening our hearts to God is a wondrous journey, the ultimate fruits of which are boundless love and joy.

The journey does require a willingness to practice regularly. A great saint said, “The spiritual path is very simple — but that doesn’t mean it’s easy!” While the journey can be difficult at times, in the long run it is an ever-new adventure in which we form a deep, personal connection with God.

The farther we travel on the path, the greater the joy, communion, and grace in our lives.

Included here are many devotional practices from diverse denominations and religions. Ultimately, every person must find the practices that fit their own, unique nature and way of approaching God. Humbly learning and trying what has helped others, can speed us along the path to God.

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God is for Everyone

J. Donald Walters

“God watches the heart. He responds lovingly to expressions of love in whatever religion they are offered. … it is better to love God as Bliss above all, … Love’s true fulfillment … is bliss. … The best possible definition of God, then, is Ever-Existing, Ever-Conscious, Ever-New Bliss.”

Chapters 1 to 3 here.


Love Breathing

Experience Divine Joy with

Every Breath You Breathe

This simple method helps habitualize loving God to every breath. With a sincere, regular, loving God practice, enjoying divine communion becomes a natural and common experience, as natural and common as breathing.

“I love this book – it is so easy to keep God in your mind when you practice love breathing – during a hectic day there is always time to breathe and focus. Thank you, this added another blessing to my life.”    — DH


The Centering Prayer







Centering Prayer



 Letters by a Modern Mystic

Frank C. Laubach

Have you ever considered what it might be like to live in a conscious moment-by-moment communion with God? “Letters by a Modern Mystic” recounts Frank C. Laubach’s spiritual journey as he began such an experiment. Read about the remarkable results. What might you experience in the practice of such a spiritual discipline?
“You hold in your hands a treasure provided by Christ to all people who long to live their real life today in the constant presence and power of God…. If you will patiently begin to follow the instructions given in this book, you will very quickly see the astonishing results. Anyone who wants to actively love God all the time can do this. Why not begin now?”   — Dallas Willard

Frank C. Laubach


The Practice of the Presence of God

Brother Lawrence

Brother Lawrence of the Resurrection (1611–1691) was a Carmelite monk who spent the greater part of his life in the Monastery of the Discalced Carmelites in Paris.The Practice of the Presence of God is a collection of documented conversations and letters that reveal the heart of this humble man. He wrote, “The time of business does not with me differ from the time of prayer, and in the noise and clatter of my kitchen . . . I possess God in as great tranquility as if I were upon my knees at the blessed sacrament.”Brother Lawrence’s wisdom and spiritual insights have helped bring people closer to God for more than three centuries. The Spiritual Maxims of Brother Lawrence, a lesser known but equally outstanding work, is a summary of his teachings. Throughout, he develops one great theme, best expressed by the psalmist, “In Thy Presence is fulness of joy.”

Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ

Madame Jeanne Guyon

One of the most influential spiritual books ever penned, … Madame Guyon is generally credited, even by her enemies, as being one of the best-known women in church history. At one time this book was publicly burned in France and yet it has also been received by seeking Christians as one of the most helpful and powerful Christian books ever written. Penned by one of Christianity’s most famous saints, Jeanne Guyon, it has played a major part in the lives of more famous Christians than perhaps any other Christian book.


A Short and Easy Method of Prayer

This little book was written for a few individuals who wanted to love God with their whole hearts.
“The soul that is faithful in the exercise of love and adherence to God above described, is astonished to feel Him gradually taking possession of their whole being: it now enjoys a continual sense of that Presence, which is become … natural to it; and this, as well as prayer, is the result of habit. The soul feels an unusual serenity gradually being diffused throughout all its faculties; and silence now wholly constitutes its prayer; whilst God communicates an intuitive love, which is the beginning of ineffable blessedness.”

Lectio Divina         Divine Reading


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